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12/14/23 PAC Meeting Highlights

A KidsLINK representative from United Way came to talk with PAC about their program. They might be able to assist with childcare at future PAC events and meetings.

There is a Santa Run every year downtown that donates $1,000 to the elementary school with the most participation. In the future, we will try to advertise it more so that Emily Dickinson can win.

The Bozeman Children's Theatre production of Frozen was a big success. We decided to lock them in for next year (in February), as well.

We decided that the January 19th family movie should be a new release, and settled on "Trolls," with a "Neon and Rainbows" theme and glow sticks for sale. We will send out order sheets for food in early January.

After getting more teacher input on the garden, it sounds like the best long-term solution is to put in sod and grass, except for the amphitheater and preexisting trees. We'll likely start to do that slowly over time, section-by-section.

We finally have some volunteers for the yearbook and the Square One art program, hopefully if we give them enough assistance and support so they will want to continue next year.


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