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10/12/23 PAC Meeting Highlights

The Fun Run was super successful, breaking all past records! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, donated, and otherwise made it so special for the kids. We are excited to begin planning a new covered outdoor area with the funds raised, where Emily Dickinson kids will be shielded from sun, rain, and snow while they eat or play.

We finalized our previously tentative Family Movie Night on 11/3, deciding on Frozen, to match this year's upcoming school performance later in the winter. (Please click here if you are willing to donate concessions or volunteer.)

The PAC traditionally provides meals for teachers and staff during Parent-Teacher conferences, so we need to coordinate that. We decided to have breakfast and snacks donated by parents (please click here if you'd like to help with that).

We will also need volunteers for the Book Fair coming up in November. (Please click here to sign up.)

Bozeman Children's Theater auditions are fast-approaching on November 4th (only for 4th and 5th graders interested in major parts), with rehearsals to follow for all other K-5 students who want to participate. (Check our Events page for more details.)

We also discussed the garden, and our ongoing desire to pass responsibility of it to any third party willing to care for it.

The PAC also approved some teacher's grants.

Finally, there is a winter gear drive for family-school services. We would like to organize a "Lost & Found Swap" with Meadowlark, so that instead of donating unclaimed items to Goodwill, the outdoor gear is directly available to students in need. The THRIVE program and administrators at both schools are on board. Emily Dickinson will need to assemble items in trash bags to trade at the end of the year, hopefully we can find storage space for it all.


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