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6/3/23 PAC Board Meeting Highlights

We solidified various event dates for the 2023-24 school year, so that we could put them up on the website and start planning and signing up volunteers.

We decided to get some hard plastic folding boards to hold PAC signs to inform people of upcoming meeting and events, and to use at events.

We will try to get a parent PAC liaison/representative from each classroom to help us coordinate and communicate throughout the year.

We were able to get some approximate dates with Bozeman Children's Theater (late November to early December) for a Frozen production. Unlike Montana Children's Theater, they find a part for everyone who auditions, so this will hopefully be the biggest and best theater production Emily Dickinson has had yet! Other Bozeman schools (Hawthorne and Longfellow) have used the same program, and they have been able to offset costs with ticket sales and sponsorships (professional glossy color playbills and a PowerPoint before the show recognizes donors).

We discussed various committees we could and should have that just require more PAC volunteers: the garden, Fun Run, snack organization, staff appreciation, decorations, teacher grants, 5th grade legacy project, marketing/publicity, and fundraising (organizing restaurant fundraisers, calling potential sponsors of theater productions and donors to Bingo Night).

We brainstormed the best way to recruit volunteers. Perhaps a physical form sent home with kids at the beginning of the year, with links to the PAC website and to both general and event-specific volunteer signups?

We briefly discussed Fun Run prizes - perhaps more experience-based (for example, choosing which teacher gets pie in the face at carnival), rather than physical prizes? Or will that disincentivize too many kids?

Finally, we will have another PAC board meeting on 6/19 at 5pm to finish going through other items.


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