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2/2/23 PAC Meeting Highlights

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Montana Children's Theater Feedback: went great! We had a record number of students audition, and the directors had very complimentary things to say about them.

Bingo Night Planning: we will need volunteers for lottery baskets, and we will also need volunteers for bingo night, which will be Friday, March 31. (Please click on those links to sign up!)

Board Members for 2023-24: we have parents willing to serve as volunteer coordinator, treasurer, secretary, and marketing, as well as other supportive board members, but we do not yet have parents willing to fill either the President or one of the two co-President roles.

5th Grade Legacy Project: the 5th graders will raise money for the legacy project by selling concessions and baked goods at Bingo Night and at the Family Movie Night. Possible movie suggestions: Despicable Me, The Goonies, Big Hero 6.

Teacher Grants: we are considering accepting two grant proposals from each teacher, with one for educational needs, and the other for professional development.

We need someone to organize food trucks for the science fair.

How is Emily's Garden going? Some brainstorming. At another Bozeman school, there is a gardening summer camp and a farm-to-table project, which keeps the garden going over the summer. Should we add edible elements to the garden? Also, should we take down the fences and make it more of a community garden?

Upcoming Events:

2/20/23 - No School, President's Day

3/2/23 - PAC Meeting

3/3/23 - Family Movie Night

3/13-17/23 - No School, Spring Break

3/23/23 - Science Fair

3/31/23 - Bingo Night

4/6/23 - PAC Meeting


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